Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday's Super Tip: How to Store Fresh Herbs

I am constantly purchasing bundles of fresh herbs at the grocery store, only to use a tiny bit at a time. They usually end up going bad before I can use them up, which can be very frustrating since they're not cheap. One of these days I'll start growing my own herbs. But until then, I'm forced to use some tricks to increase their shelf life and allow me to get my money's worth.

Here are some ways I keep my herbs fresh so I have time to eat them up.

1. Wet a paper towel and wrap it around the stems of your herbs. Cover them loosely in a plastic bag to store.

2. Another option is to put them in tiny containers with water. A small glass or container with just a little water at the bottom is your best bet. Be sure to put a loose plastic bag over the tops and then store them either in your refrigerator's crisper or on the countertop.

3. If you won't be using your herbs within about a week and a half, pop them in the freezer! Take them out when you need them, allow them to thaw, and then use them just like you normally would. They'll last about a year in your freezer, but their potency deteriorates over time, so use more than you normally would if they've been frozen for a while.

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