Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday's Super Tip - Baker's Joy

Several months back someone introduced me to Baker's Joy and I love it! I'm sure a lot of people use it already, but I knew I had to pass along the tip for those who don't use it or haven't heard of it. You'll thank me - I promise.

Well, you know how every time you bake a cake you have to first butter, and then flour, the inside of your pan? It's such a pain. Not only do I always end up with flour all over me (and the counters and the floor), but it's also time consuming! Baker's Joy replaces all of that. It's a butter/flour spray designed specifically for baking. Just spray the inside of your pan and in 2 seconds it's ready for your batter.

You can also spray your utensils in order to have your batter or food slide right off. It really doesn't stick. I swear by it. Go out and get some if you don't have it. You'll love it!


Elyse said...

I love Baker's Joy! When I first started baking, this was my savior. Although I don't use it as much now (because I usually forget to buy it), it makes baking so much easier--not having to butter and flour saves time and spares you from making a greasy mess of your hands and everything else you touch!

Heather said...

great post - i love baker's joy, too. i always like putting it on my utensils, too - it makes life so easy.

thanks for your really nice comment on my last post, too. i'm thrilled to have found your blog, too :)

Anonymous said...

That's perfect! Just yesterday I was thinking about how much I HATE buttering and flouring before baking! I'm going to get this!